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Bevins Hits Distributech 2017

Where’s Rich? #DTECH2017!

It’s a privilege to attend the DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition every year, and an even greater opportunity to meet with many of our distributors. Most of all, this conference allows us to exhibit our newest tools for the utilities who need them most.

Why is this important?

At Bevins, we work hard to keep electrical linemen safe. Their job is one of the most dangerous on the planet, and we consider it an honor to imagine, design, develop, test and support tools that offer new ways to keep them safe and effective in the field.

So when we hit DistribuTECH, we get to work alongside some of the Hubbell team to communicate just how our tools are the best way to keep linemen heading home to their families each night.

Thanks to everyone we met at the expo!

Remember. Keep it safe out there.