Operating speed at full rating:
For continuous direct lift or pull at maximum rating (1,000 lb.) with a 20% duty cycle for each powerdrive type:

Rate of lift or pull (Rope Speed)
Power output needed (Source, minimum).

Recommended rope for capstan hoists:
Poly-Dacron or Composite Fiber Braided (consists of polyester fibers).

Model# Weight, each
C3081190 46 lb. (20.9 kg.)
Series 90 Hoist Rope Speed for 1,000 lb. load Source, minimum
12-Volt DC 22 feet per minute 90 amperes motor current
115-Volt AC 40 feet per minute 14 amperes motor current
230-Volt AC 21 feet per minute 7 amperes motor current
Hydraulic 93 feet per minute 8 gal. per min. & 1,000psi
Gasoline 40 feet per minute Engine speed: 7,000rpm

Universal Bracket recommended for Gasoline – 1,000-lb. hoist.

Also fits other 1,000-lb. Series 90 and earlier 750-lb. Chance hoists. Bolts down or uses two C4170346 Chain Clamps below for mounting on poles, angles, beams.

Model# Weight, each
C3080925 13 lb. (5.9 kg.)