• Complies with OSHA 1910.269 to Test for Absence of Nominal Voltage
  • 69kV to 500kV
  • For Overhead Conductors
  • Bright display lights indicate voltage class

This smart new-generation instrument makes hot-line voltage testing easier than ever. Its state-of-the-art electronics eliminate the need for a selector switch. Its automatic-ranging function quickly displays the approximate line-to-line voltage class.

It provides an easy, reliable means for the operator to determine if a line is:

  • De-energized
  • Carrying less than normal system voltage from any source or induced charge from an adjacent live circuit
  • Energized at full system voltage

Simple to operate, the tester attaches to an Epoxiglas® insulating universal handle of appropriate length to maintain proper OSHA working clearances. A single push-button activates the instrument, then a single light indicates either Power On (by glowing solid) or Low Battery (by blinking).

With a good battery condition, the instrument performs a confirming self-test by illuminating each of the six indicator lights in series while emitting an alternating audible signal.

C4033375 Auto Ranging Voltage Indicator 69kV-500kV -  Side View
The probe can then be brought into contact with the conductor.

It automatically begins detecting at approximately 69kV, and holds the display of one of these voltage classes: 69kV, 115kV, 161kV, 230kV, 345kV or 500kV phase-to-phase. The audible signal begins as a slow beeping that becomes faster as the final reading is displayed.

When not in use, the unit’s energy-saving Sleep mode automatically conserves the battery.


Model# Description Weight
H18766S Shepherd Hook Probe 1/4 lb./0.1 kg.
H18766 Straight Probe 1/8 lb./0.05 kg.