Function Overview

The CHANCEĀ® Multi-Range Voltage IndicatorĀ® (MRVI), model number PSC4033710, is a portable tool to confirm that an AC (Alternating Current) high voltage circuit is energized or de-energized prior to performing maintenance. It provides field practicality over the two points of contact measurement method. Readings from the MRVI represent the class of voltage that is present on the line. The MRVI is designed to determine approximate Phase-to-Phase and Phase-to-Ground nominal voltage up to 80 kV AC, 50/60 Hz. This unit is a direct contact electric field intensity indicator.

The MRVI is used as a secondary means to confirm the condition of a circuit after principal work procedures such as visible open gaps, dispatcher hold orders, and apparatus tag-outs have rendered the circuit de-energized.


  • Meets intent of OSHA 1910.269 to test for absence of nominal voltage
  • Used to determine if power lines are at rated voltage, have induced voltage, or are de-energized
  • Capacitive test point through 80 kV AC for overhead and underground systems
  • Stepper motor technology
  • Illuminated fluorescent pointer
  • Power-saving sleep mode (auto-off)
  • Checks battery voltage on initial startup
  • Positive interface power button
  • Equivalent Phase-to-Phase and Phase-to-Ground reading ranges
  • Manually activated Hold Mode
  • Bluetooth technology
  • New lightweight design (19.8 oz without batteries)
  • Battery drawer for simple battery replacement
  • Comes with a storage bag with a snaphook designed to attach to a lineman’s belt
  • QR code located in the instructions, Quick Reference guide, and on the unit itself


pdf_miniDistribution MRVI Instruction Manual