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CHANCE® Energized Cable Sensor

The purpose of the CHANCE® Energized Cable Sensor is to allow the lineman to readily determine whether a URD cable is energized or de-energized.

The sensor consists of an amplifier which is designed to give a meter reading when the small AC voltage between the semi-conductive sheath and the concentric neutral of the energized URD cable is applied to the test probe.

The amplifier is housed in a rugged thermoplastic case.

A self-test contact point is located on top of the amplifier housing. By touching the test probe to the test point, the meter operation and condition of the batteries can be verified.

Sensor may be used to check for energized condition on concentric-neutral cable below an elbow without test points (as above).

At cable mid-span (left), hose clamps bridge all strands of concentric neutral at the test location. Sensor’s neutral lead clips to one of the hose clamps. Tip on probe lead contacts only semi-conductive cable sheath to test for voltage presence.

Model# Description Weight
C4030803 URD Cable Sensor, two leads, two hose clamps,
two 9-volt batteries and instructions
5 lb./2.3 kg.

Optional Components

Dielectric Compound No. 7

Model# Weight
C4170287 2 oz. Tube

(Purchase from your local distributor.)
Dielectric Compound No. 7, a silicone base material, is made for use with load break disconnects and other electrical connecting and terminating devices.

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