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CHANCE® Energized Insulator Testers

Energized Insulator Tester 35kv C4032299

A sensitive voltmeter, the tester measures the difference in potential across each insulator in a suspect string.

Comparative readings from satisfactory strings in the same operating situation quickly indicate the state of every insulator in the string being tested.

The meter places only a minimal load on the phase as it requires only a small leakage current to make a reading.

Two straight steel probes threaded into the tester forks simply contact the metal fittings on both ends of each insulator at the same time.

Mounted on a 1-1/4″-diameter Epoxiglas® pole with a universal fitting, before each use the tester should be attached to the proper length hot stick for the system voltage involved.

The distribution model’s scale reads up to 11 kV. The transmission model’s scale reads a maximum of 16 kV.


Without interrupting service, one of these testers quickly can check the condition of each insulator in a string. This greatly reduces maintenance costs. Rather than changing out entire strings, only the insulators identified as damaged require replacements.

Available in two models, the testers serve specific applications: One for dead-end insulators on distribution systems through 35 kV, and the other for suspension insulators on 44 kV through 500 kV transmission systems.

Plug-in jack on Insulator Tester meter housing permits line personnel to quickly verify its operable condition with a CHANCE® Phasing Voltmeter Tester (Cat. No. C4030838) before and after each use.

Energized Insulator Testers

Model# System Applications Weight
C4032298 Distribution (thru 35 kV) 4 lb./1.8 kg.
C4032299 Transmission (44 thru 500 kV) 5 lb./2.25 kg.

(Each includes instrument, two straight probes, operating instructions and metal carrying case.)
*Carrying case weighs additional 10 1?4 lb. (4.62 kg.)

C403-2298, C403-0838, C403-2299

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