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CHANCE® Grounding Simulator Kit

To demonstrate the principles for temporary grounding practices, this portable instructional aid provides a working model of a three-phase system circuit. Powered by a step-down transformer, the kit simply plugs into a 110-volt 60-cycle household source.

A special light/bell unit simulates a lineworker involved in maintenance on a de-energized line. Insulated wires with an alligator clip at each end serve as grounding cable and clamp sets (10 included). A miniature grounding cluster bar is included for pole mounting.

Durable and accurate

Built to last, the poles are aluminum pipe material. Crossarms are wood.

Electrically correct, the aluminum poles effect the conductivity which should be assumed for actual poles. Leads from the poles and the neutral connect to the ground side on the source (transformer).

Modular design quickly sets up and takes down for storage in rugged transport case.


To quickly test any proposed configuration, just depress the transformer foot switch to energize a fault on the system. If the light glows and the bell sounds on the “worker,” this indicates the grounding system in place fails to provide protection. Or, if no such signals occur, the scheme of grounding connections does create a protective zone of equalized potential at the worksite.

To answer a multitude of “what-if” questions from the various personnel concerned with grounding practices, the kit transformer rapidly recycles while you rig the grounding leads for the next test. A “ready” light comes on as soon as the transformer is reset.

Ordering Information

Model# Description Weight
C6001950 CHANCE® Grounding Simulator Kit 23 lb. / 10.5 kg.

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