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CHANCE® Line Fault Locator

Not available for purchase.

CHANCE® Line Fault Locator is only available for service and repair.

The device is for use on underground distribution lines, 115 volts through 34.5 kV, with fault location potential up to one megohm.

The Chance Line/Fault Locator consists of four units. The Line Locator is made of Epoxiglas and is self-standing for free use of both hands.

It is used as a “wand”, sending a null-out to the audible sound through the unit as an indication of proximity to induced current in a buried cable.

The Fault Locator, also made of Epoxiglas, is designed to receive a signal from the transmitter through the two earth probes, interrupting the signal when the two probes are equidistant from the fault: 90° locations are then established from the handle of the tool to pinpoint the fault.

The Transmitter emits a 90-volt square wave, 115-cycle signal and is complete with one 12-volt battery installed in the carrying case.

The Receiver amplifies the signal of the Transmitter and/or the 60-cycle field around a conductor carrying current; includes six “AA” 11/2-volt batteries, volume control and neck strap.

Earphones are available for plugging into the receiver, eliminating background noises.

Model# Description Approx. Wt.
C4030547 Line/Fault Locator, complete with Batteries 30 lb./13.5 kg.
T4030572 Line Locator and Receiver only 10 lb./4.5 kg.
T4030573 Earphone Head Set 1 lb./.45 kg.

C403-0547, T403-0572, T403-0573

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