Introducing the Polymer Insulator Tester

The Polymer Insulator Tester (PIT) instrument is used to test the electrical integrity of non-ceramic or polymer insulators. The instrument is made for use in the field under energized or de-energized conditions. The tester must be used with a hot stick of appropriate length that provides adequate safe clearances. The unit attaches to the hotstick via the universal fitting.

Measurements are triggered automatically upon engagement of the probes with the insulator. For basic operation, the user adjusts the probe spacing so they easily fit between the insulator sheds, sets the power switch to the ON position, waits for the instrument to boot up, and then engages the V probes with an insulator. The instrument automatically takes a measurement once the V probes are both engaged for about one second. Feedback is provided to the user with LEDs and audible tones to indicate instrument status, probe engagement status, and measurement status. The audible tones are generally redundant with the LED information but audible tones are helpful when visual sight of the LEDs is obstructed due to the insulator position with respect to the hotstick.


pdf_mini Operating Instructions Manual