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CHANCE® Analog Phasing Testers for Distribution Circuits

CHANCE® Phasing Testers easily determine phase relationships and approximate voltage, line-to-line or line-to-ground.

Each tester consists of two fiberglass poles with end fittings threaded for interchangeable probes. The probe fittings couple with a high-impedance component encased in each pole.


To complete the test circuit, a 22-foot length of insulated flexible cable stores on the reel affixed to one pole and connects to the voltmeter on the other pole.

Simple to operate, the tester poles first attach to two 6-foot Epoxiglas® insulating universal handles (included in each kit for proper working clearances).

The probes can then be brought into contact with the conductors appropriate for the meter to read phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground voltage.

Single-Range Units

Model# Description Weight
H18761 †16 kV Tester Hook Probes, Case and Manual 23 lb./10.4 kg.
T4032261 25 kV Tester Kit* 27-1/2 lb./12.4 kg.
H18767 40 kV Tester, Hook Probes, Case and Manual 23 lb./10.4 kg.

Dual-Range Units

Model# Description Weight
T4030786 1 & †16 kV Tester Kit* 27-1/2 lb./12.4 kg.
T4032398 5 & †16 kV Tester Only 23 lb./10.4 kg.

For quick, reliable fault detection on underground cables, two units are available for phase-to-phase system voltages up to 16 kV or 35 kV.

By converting AC source voltage to a rectified half-wave, these adapters permit testing of cables with a potential level equal to peak source voltage.

This field-effective method proves especially beneficial for:

  • Testing new cable before initial energizing.
  • Testing repaired cable before re-energizing.
  • Testing suspect cable spans for faults.

For metered readout, the Hi-Pot Adapters work with Chance Phasing Tool H1876. A brass male fitting inside the larger end threads onto the meter probe of the phasing tool.

For testing and subsequent discharging, a brass female fitting at the smaller end accepts either Chance Elbow Adapters or Bushing Adapters for 15 through 35 kV.

Illustrated instruction booklet is included. Units contain high-voltage rectifiers encapsulated in Chance orange 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ diameter Epoxiglas® housings.

Hi-Pot Adapters measure only 13″ in length for 35 kV unit, and 10″ for 16 kV unit, far right.

Model# Description Weight, each
C4031762 *16 kV Hi-Pot Adapter 1 lb./0.45 kg.
C4031763 *35 kV Hi-Pot Adapter 1 1/4 lb./0.57 kg.
T403-0857 15 to 35kV bushing adapter

*Maximum phase-to-phase system voltage.

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