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CHANCE® Digital Phasing Testers for Transmission Circuits

Two models for up to 120 kV or 240 kV.
To easily determine phase relationships, these CHANCE® Phasing Testers read approximate voltage (line-to-line or line-to-ground) on transmission circuits.

The testers consist of two high-impedance components encapsulated in fiberglass poles, each with an end fitting threaded for interchangeable hook probes.

A 22-foot-long insulated flexible cable from the voltmeter stores on a reel on the other pole.

Two complete kits offer a choice of voltage ranges for specific system applications.

Each kit includes a pair of 11/2″-diameter insulated handles for proper working clearances.

Individual items listed in each kit’s bill of materials may be ordered separately by reference numbers given.

Ordering Information

Model # Description Weight
PSC4033465 10 – 120 kV Phasing Tester Kit: 39 lb./17.7 kg.
(1) Instruction Manual
(1) PSE4033454 Phasing Tester 22-1/2 lb.
(64″ long)
(2) C4030459 Handles (96″) 10 lb.
(1) P6218 Bag for Handles (108″) 3-1/2 lb.
(1) C4030460 Bag for Tester 3 lb.
PSC4033466 40 – 240 kV Phasing Tester Kit: 60 lb./27.2 kg.
(1) Instruction Manual
(1) PSE4033455 Phasing Tester 43-1/2 lb.
(102″ long)
(2) C4030459 Handles (96″) 10 lb.
(1) P6218 Bag for Handles (108″) 3-1/2 lb.
(1) C4030464 Bag for Tester 3 lb.

Phasing Voltmeter Tester

for Digital Transmission Phasing Testers above
The phasing voltmeter tester allows line personnel to determine, in the field, the operating condition of the Chance instruments named above.

The tester uses each instrument’s own meter to display its operating condition, and plugs into the jack on the instrument.

Meter readings are noted when the tester’s clip is contacted to each of the instrument’s two terminals, and the tester’s polarity switch is in both of its positions.

If all four readings are within two units, the instrument is in proper working order.

Pulling the plug from the jack automatically disconnects the tester’s battery.

The 9-volt battery, furnished, usually lasts one year and is easily replaced.

The tester’s durable and compact fiberglass housing will withstand the abuse of field applications.

Model # Description Weight
PSE4033473 Phasing Voltmeter Tester with Leads and Battery 1 lb./0.45 kg.

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