16 kV Digital Phasing Tester Set

Phasing Tester Kit for Distribution Circuits

16 kV Digital Phasing Tester Set
For Overhead and Underground Systems Dual Range: 5kV & 16kV Scales. Versatile to popular distribution voltages, convenient Kit facilitates testing both underground and overhead systems.

Basic functions include identifying phases and reading line-to-line or line-to-ground voltage. URD accessories in the Kit also permit cable-fault detection.

The main instrument consists of high-impedance components encased in two fiberglass poles with threaded end fittings for overhead probes or URD adapters.

A 22-foot-long cable connects to the voltmeter pole and stores on the reel pole.

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Model# Description Weight
T4032557 Phasing Tester Kit with 16kV Hi-Pot Adapter, 2 URD Bushing Adapters, Phasing Voltmeter Tester 31-1/2 lb./14.2 kg.

For convenience on different systems, toggle on meter housing can switch calibration between the two scales on the meter face.

Plus, it improves readability for low-end values on the Hi (16kV) scale. Switched to the Lo (5kV) range, those values deflect the needle more to give more finite readings.

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