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CHANCE® Nylon Strap Hoist

Designed with special features, both 1-Ton and 2-Ton hoists offer a choice of two handle options for utility maintenance and construction.

For rubber-glove work, select hoist with plastisol cap on handle end.

For operation by hot-line tools, select hoist with swivel-eye on handle end.

All models have hot-stick rings on hooks and latches.

Single strap of 1-Ton units reaches and lifts farther.

2-Ton units employ a sheave-mounted hook in a double-strap becket.


  • 10,000-lb. single-strap strength rating
  • 1-Ton Hoist
  • 2-Ton Hoist
  • Hook-to-Hook Distance:
    • Minimum 27 in 27 in
    • Maximum 8 ft 6 ft
    • Standard Lift Distance 5 ft. 9 in 3 ft. 9 in.

*1-Ton Nylon-Strap Hoists and Accessories

Model# Description Weight
PSC3090323 Hoist with Regular Handle 12-3/4 lb./5.7 kg.
PSC3090467 Hoist with Hot-Stick Handle 13-3/4 lb./6.2 kg.
C3060000 Storage Bag for either 1-Ton Hoist above 1/8 lb./0.05 kg.

* These hoists are not insulated live-line tools. If working on energized electrical lines, these hoists must be used with appropriate- length insulating link sticks (See ordering information above and below).

*2-Ton Nylon-Strap Hoists and Accessories

Model# Description Weight
PSC3120000 Hoist with Regular Handle 14-1/2 lb./6.5 kg.
PSC3090468 Hoist with Hot-Stick Handle 15-1/2 lb./7 kg.

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