The CHANCE® C3031836 Torque Indicator with Wireless Smart Device App Connectivity (TI) is designed for use in installation of screw anchors and piles up to 30,000 ft∙lb. The TI is a continuous-reading digital indicator equipped with a high-contrast LCD for stand-alone use and a Bluetooth® transmitter for enhanced torque monitoring and logging capabilities with the Torque Indicator Remote Pro app. Apps are available as free downloads for Android and Apple smart devices. Devices utilizing Bluetooth® 4.0 and greater with Bluetooth® Low Energy capability can receive data from the TI.


  • Integral high-visibility LCD screen displays torque from 500 ft∙lb to 30,000 ft∙lb in 100 ft∙lb
  • TI can be set to display and transmit data in N∙m
  • Bluetooth® connection to smart devices for remote monitoring and logging of torque data
  • Bluetooth® communication range of at least 50 ft (with clear line of sight)
  • Transmits data to multiple smart devices simultaneously
  • Equipped with two mounting bolt circles (5-1/4″ and 7-5/8″) in top and bottom flanges for
    compatibility with a wide selection of Kelly bar adapters and drive tools
  • Complete sets of mounting bolts and lock washers for both bolt circles supplied with TI
  • Durable components are shock and vibration resistant
  • Sealed for weather resistance
  • Wide operating temperature range of -22 °F (-30 °C) to 158 °F (70 °C)
  • Integral temperature sensor (temperature readings are transmitted with torque readings)
  • Large ON/OFF and MODE push buttons on front face are easy to press while wearing gloves
  • MODE button displays peak torque measured since TI last turned on and cumulative number of
    torque cycles since last calibration
  • Extended run time when using two 9V batteries (will operate with one 9V battery)
  • Low battery warning: “b” displays on left side of TI screen; app includes battery monitor
  • Auto power-off: TI shuts off after 30 minutes if torque load remains unchanged


Model# Description
C3031836 Torque Indicator


pdf_mini Torque Indicator Manual

For more information on the Torque Indicator, visit Hubbell or call 855.477.2121.