Resettable Trunnion Exchange Program

Bevins Co. and Hubbell Power Systems are proud to announce a program to allow CHANCEĀ® Sectionalizer customers to update their previous purchase to the new CHANCE Resettable Trunnion.

The CHANCE Resettable Trunnion allows the Lineman to reset the CHANCE Sectionalizer while still in the cutout body. A simple push against the unit will reset the trunnion for future use. No more bringing the CHANCE Sectionalizer out of the cutout body to manually reset the device.

How the Exchange Program Works

All owners of returning units must obtain an RMA by contacting us. Please visit our contact page by clicking here.

If you prefer to perform the work in-house we have setup a trunnion upgrade kit (part #RSZR064) which includes parts, label, and instructions. This is a simple process which you can view at the top of this page.

Pricing Information

Sending your CHANCE Sectionalizer to us:
Single Phase New (in original packaging): $29.00 each plus freight.
Used (not in original packaging) will be tested and repackaged: $69.00 each plus freight.
Three Phase New (in original packaging): $87.00 per set.
Used (not in original packaging) will be tested and repackaged: $207.00 per set.

In-house upgrade kit:
Each CHANCE Resettable Trunnion requires one (1) kit: $25.00 each plus freight.
CHANCE Three Phase Sectionalizers will require three (3) kits: $75.00 plus freight.

More Information

All updated CHANCE Sectionalizers will have a yellow label applied to identify them as having a CHANCE Resettable Trunnion installed. Our current turn-around time is 1-3 weeks after receiving your product.


pdf_mini Trunnion Upgrade Kit Instruction Manual