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Upgrade Your Indicator: MRVD vs. MRVI

mrvd vs mrvi MRVD & MRVI: Analog Standard & Bluetooth Upgrade

Bevins has been building game-changing lineman safety tools for almost 65 years. And one of the first next generation tools came in 1973: the Multi-Ranging Voltage Detector or MRVD. The MRVD replaced the need for “fuzz-sticking”

or “glow-detecting” and greatly decreased the risk linemen faced on their jobs. It’s a solid tool. Dependable. And we’re proud of the many lives it has saved in the past 48 years. But we’re always looking for ways to make our products stronger, lighter, easier to read and able to record data for future reference.

The Multi-Ranging Voltage Indicator (MRVI) with Bluetooth®

To continue the legacy of using new technology to grow our line of lineman safety products, we came out with the Multi-Ranging Voltage Indicator (MRVI) in both distribution and transmission models. It’s lighter, stronger, easier to use, lasts longer and – most importantly – safer.


  • It weighs less than half of the MRVD. Less weight means it’s easier to keep it held in place and causes less stress on your joints.
  • Bigger display, and new backlighting, so linemen can see the readings in the dark or from far away.
  • Bluetooth-enabled: get readings from the MRVI directly on smart devices.
  • Proof of testing: Mark your location or email log history to yourself for later reference.
  • One MRVI device covers all voltages for distribution. So with just two devices – one for transmission, and one for distribution – linemen can cover all their voltage indicator needs.
  • The MRVI has a sleep mode, which helps conserve battery life. No more hauling the device all the way down the pole just to turn it off to save the battery.

Lineman Safety and Efficiency: The Bevins Mission

We’re always looking for ways to bring better, more effective safety products to the market for linemen. Just like the MRVD was a huge step forward for linemen safety in 1973, the MRVI is a huge step forward in 2020. Is your crew ready for the MRVI? Talk to your Hubbell distributor! Call us anytime to speak with one of our professional customer service agents at (918) 627-1273.

Bevins: Creating lineman safety tools for almost 65 years. Be safe.