for Underground Transformers

The Chance Voltage Tester is a portable device which permits the checking of the AC voltages on Underground Distribution circuits through 20 kV for the purpose of determining the approximate line-to-ground voltage of the circuits.

The basic instrument, C4031369, is designed for reading voltages up to 10 kV on the meter. The resistance units are encapsulated in an epoxy compound to protect them from mechanical damage and to prevent moisture penetration or accumulation around the resistors. No calibration is required, the tool is preset at the factory.

For use on voltages above 10 kV phase-to-ground, an extension resistor, is provided, increasing the voltage range to 20 kV phase-to-ground. (Do not use more than one extension resistor element per tool.)

The ground connection is made to a stud on the stick below the meter housing. This stud MUST be electrically connected to a good ground source.

Before the Voltage Tester is used to test elbows or bushings on dead front URD equipment, the proper adapter must be attached to the tool.

Elbow must be controlled or restrained with an insulated hot stick while using Voltage Tester to check elbows. Elbow must be properly parked when bushing is being checked.

Catalog No. Description
C4031367 Complete Voltage Tester for 20 kV Ø-G includes Tester, Extension Resistor, Case and Instruction Booklet
C4031368 1 Extension Resistor
C4031369 Voltage Indicator 10 kV Ø-G with Case and Instruction Booklet
T4030602 Elbow Adapter for 8.3/15 kV only
T4030428 Bushing Adapter for 8.3/15 kV only
T4030856 Elbow Adapter for 15, 25 & 35 kV
T4030857 Bushing Adapter for 15, 25 & 35 kV
C4030838 Tool with Leads and Battery