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Storm Soldiers: A Film About Heroes

Storm Soldiers is a film about the linemen all across America who keep the lights on and our lives secure everyday- even in the harshest conditions. Bottom line: These men are heroes, and so are their families.

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Thank a Linemen

If you can read a book,
thank a teacher.
If you can read a book at night,
thank a lineman!

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Fail/No-Go Condition Reading

Q: What reading is considered a “fail / no-go” condition on the Hot Stick Tester? (Reference: Hubbell® / A.B.Chance® catalog # C403-3178 & C403-3179) A: Industry regulations for hot stick testing include IEEE Standard 978-1984 and OSHA Standard 1910.269(j)(2)(iii) which state: “Live-line tools used for primary employee protection shall be removed from service every 2 […]

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Tips of the Trade

Never put a cheater bar on the hoist handle. If you can’t readily take up the load with the handle that is furnished, you need a bigger hoist. Overloading a hoist can…

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