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On a Mission: Linemen Safety Education

Someone asked me…
“Why do you still travel to teach safety to utilities and linemen?” It was an honest question. With all the talk of linemen safety and being your brother’s keeper, it appears to be a conversation everyone has already had. So why do I continue to travel?

Because the conversation has just begun.

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Linemen Bringing Light to Guatemala

In this century, we expect that most people have some form of electricity at their disposal. But sadly, this is only true for most of us. Two villages in the region of Ixcán near the Mexican border, have never heard of electricity. That is, until now.

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Bevins Company History

Three generations of the Bevins family have brought safety and efficiency to the dangerous jobs linemen do. Rich Bevins and his father have some valuable history to tell about Bevins Co., the life of linemen, and how keeping these guys safe on the line has been their number 1 priority for generations.

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Linemen News: August

Utility industry news and information from the 725-mile TransWest Express transmission line to more government movement toward renewable energy and a 3rd generation linemen in the limelight.

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Linemen News: July

From smart sensors on light poles, new methods for increasing energy storage, and the ever-expanding infrastructure to taking California to clean energy, we have gathered articles for your information right here!

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Linemen News: May 2018

From improvements in the energy sector and new benefits to the increase in energy efficiency to newer tech and three possible California wildfires possibly caused by negligence. This is your linemen news for the month of may.

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