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Digital Proof of Testing Prevents Linemen Injuries

Digital Recordkeeping with Bluetooth

In recent years, we have had conversations with plenty of linemen who say they prefer analog to digital. And we hear that. So let’s discuss why we work so hard to get digital technology on the line for you guys.

Bluetooth technology allows us all to quickly communicate to any smart device, so using a Bluetooth voltage indicator like the MRVI gives you the option to take a screenshot of the test. Send it to yourself, your crew, your boss – but keep a record of it.

What happens next is what matters most.

When an accident occurs…

If something happens – God forbid – and the question comes up “Did you test the line before performing maintenance?” You can quickly answer “Yes!” with proof to back it up.

The next step is for the company to find out what REALLY happened on that job site. Sure, you’re off the hook.

But most importantly, you haven’t left a mess for the next guy to deal with. Or worse, allowed a pathway for an injury to occur.

If you don’t have proof you’ve tested, the blame might fall on you – but worse – the problem may go unresolved, leaving the job site ready for another disaster. Stay safe by testing EVERY time you’re performing maintenance. And use our Multi-Ranging Voltage Indicator to record it for proof. One small step toward eliminating lineman injury and death on the job.

We bring you the tools to make safety happen on the line.

Check out the MRVI for Distribution and Transmission.