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The New Torque Indicator

The CHANCE® C3031836 Torque Indicator with Wireless Smart Device App Connectivity (TI) is our newest edition Torque Indicator. It is designed for use in installation of screw anchors and piles up to 30,000 ft∙lb. The TI is a continuous-reading digital indicator equipped with a high-contrast LCD for stand-alone use and a Bluetooth® transmitter for enhanced torque monitoring and logging capabilities with the Torque Indicator Remote Pro app.

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Wireless Phasing Set

The CHANCE® Wireless Phasing Set (WPS), model PSC4032916, consists of two separate units: a “MAIN” and a “PROBE”. It is a portable tool which has two main modes of operation. The first mode of operation utilizes both “MAIN” and “PROBE” units and is designed to determine the phase relationship between two electrical conductors with the same nominal voltage. The second mode of operation only utilizes the “MAIN” unit and emulates the functions of the Auto-Ranging Voltage Indicator (ARVI) model PSC4032915.

Multi-Range Voltage Indicator

The CHANCE® Multi-Range Voltage Indicator® (MRVI), model number PSC4033710, is a portable tool to confirm that an AC (Alternating Current) high voltage circuit is energized or de-energized prior to performing maintenance. It provides field practicality over the two points of contact measurement method. Readings from the MRVI represent the class of voltage that is present on the line.

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